Sunday, September 22, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

For the Fourth of July this year, a few friends of mine decided to get together to watch some fireworks at a local lake and we were talking about doing a potluck. It was decided it needed to be gluten and dairy free because of some allergies and intolerances, especially in the children. I remember thinking that there was nothing I could make to bring with and the only options I could think of were fruit and vegetables. I have since learned there is a whole world outside of gluten and dairy.

Some of the squash at the local farm.

Now that we are gluten and dairy free, I am not finding it hard at all. It gets easier and easier as time goes on. I am participating in a blog hop called "Menu Plan Monday" and here is what we are planning this week with the theme of butternut squash in mind:

Monday: Grilled Salmon with corn salsa and quinoa made with homemade chicken stock.

Tuesday: Fried chicken (dusted in all-purpose gluten free flour - mostly garbanzo bean flour) with leftover quinoa and sauteed broccoli and cauliflower.

Wednesday: Leftover fried chicken salad with sliced almonds and dried cranberries. My husband does his in wraps because it is more filling and he is not gluten free.

Thursday: Sauteed butternut squash, pork and the rest of the broccoli and cauliflower.

Friday: Pick up night, I will probably grab some chili from the freezer. I made a huge batch of it and we froze some for easy dinners.

Saturday: Slow-cooker pulled pork with fresh-made coleslaw. Again, my husband will use his tortillas to wrap this. I like my pulled pork and coleslaw in a bowl, it is satisfying enough for me.

Sunday: Left-over pulled pork.

Desmond checking out the pumpkins at the farm.

The theme this week was butternut squash and I will be sauteing it for a dinner this week, but I also love squash and got some from a local farm. My husband is not fond of butternut squash soup, so I am making it for lunch for myself this week. Check back on Wednesday for how I changed this creamy soup to be gluten and dairy free.


  1. Glad you could join us in our gluten-free menu planning this week. We're always happy to get a new variety of meals for inspiration. Looking forward to seeing your creamy butternut squash soup.

  2. Glad you could join the GF menu swap! Your soup sounds yummy! Around Easter we discovered that my 4 yr old needed be gluten free after I had been gf and dairy free and meat free for about 9 months. It's difficult with little ones, but it gets easier! She knows to tell everyone that she wants to eat something gluten free now!

  3. Trying out some butternut squash recipes is on my bucket list.