Monday, October 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Chicken

Multnomah Falls, taken a few years ago.

Well, we have a recovering little guy, who is doing so much better now. He is nursing better than he ever has before and his mouth hardly hurts him. It is always a difficult thing when planning our meals to find something that he can have as well. We do not do baby purees, we have been following baby-led weaning, which just means that we give him chunks of food, we started with soft food like avocado, squash, etc. Now we mostly give him pieces of what we are having. So he gets gluten free bread or waffles with some veggie or fruit and meat. Soups do not work out very well. Yesterday we gave him a blueberry and I'm not sure it made it in his mouth, but it sure made it all around the mouth. As I was making the menu for this week, I found that we are going to be having a lot of chicken. I try to keep my meals as closely to what I have in the house as possible, and we have lots of chicken.

Monday: Oriental salad with fried chicken

Tuesday: Oriental salad with fried chicken

Wednesday: Roasted chicken with carrots and potatoes

Thursday: Meatloaf

Friday: BBQ chicken pizza

Saturday: Half chicken with coleslaw and mashed potatoes

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Check back on Wednesday for my Oriental salad with fried chicken.

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  1. Love all the chicken! I haven't made fried chicken for a while, but it sounds great.